tempe-garage-door-repairGarage doors are a part of peoples everyday lives, and when they don’t work correctly we know it can be a stressful situation. Let our seasoned PROS take care of your garage door repair in Tempe! We can come out to your home and bring the parts necessary for the repair and maintenance of your door to keep it functioning correctly for many years to come. Our mobile garage door technicians can perform regular maintenance and diagnose problems that may occur in the future if work is not performed, and fix any parts that are damaged or worn.

Garage door springs broke? We can replace torsion springs with our same day service in Tempe! Give us a call at (480) 696-6723 now to get started!

No matter where you reside in Tempe, our professional mobile garage door repair technicians will bring all the parts for your job directly to you!

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Read what some previous AZ Garage Pros customers have to say:

My spring for my garage door broke and left my car stuck inside the garage. I really needed to get somewhere so luckily I called these guys. They arrived within 45 minutes of me calling. Everyone else I called couldn’t fit me in for days. They got the job done right and price seemed cheap to me.
– Kara F.

Great garage door repairs company! WE use these guys for our rental properties and also my own home. They always get the job done right and never over charge.
– Hank S.

A garage plays a huge role in the entire home setting. Other than a place to park the car, the garage can be used as an extra room. It can be used as a personal, home office or it can also be used as a bedroom, maybe for visitors, depending on how you intend to use it. A garage must have a stable garage door that will allow it to be accessed easily. The garage door is an important feature of the garage, meaning that it needs a closer attention when handling it. The garage door may fail to work at one point, due to some specific problems. Here is a look at the most common garage door problems;

• The door opens or closes randomly

transmitterYou may realize that the garage door is opening or closing randomly, even when no one is around. This can be quite annoying. What could be the major problem is the transmitters, which might be stuck. When the transmitters are held or pressed by something, it can affect their ability to control the door as expected. For instance, the transmitters can be stuck under some items in your car or even in the house. When this happens, the door will open and close whenever some pressure is exerted on the transmitter. The frequency of the transmitter must also be considered. If the neighbor’s transmitter has a similar frequency as yours, then the action made will affect your garage door.

• The door won’t open

springThere are some garage doors that are extremely heavy, depending on the material used. Usually, it is not the opener that lifts the garage door, but the springs are the ones which lifts the heavy door. Mostly, the garage door will be equipped with a single or two torsion springs. Suppose either of the springs is broken, then the garage door opener will be unable to lift up the garage door. Here, the door may not open completely, which will need you to call a professional locksmith.

• The garage door closes partially, then goes up

eye sensorYou might find a situation, whereby, the garage door will attempt to close, but it will only close partially, then it will open again. Basically, this implies that the garage door will not be able to close. The garage door is developed with a reversing mechanism, which will prevent it from crushing anything in its way. When the door is rolling down again, without closing completely, there could be some objects that are blocking its path. Also, it might be a build up debris along the garage door’s path. The debris will block the rollers from moving swiftly. There might also be some dirt like gum, mud or clothes hangers.

• The garage door sticks when it is closed or open

When your garage door sticks, whether when closed or open, it could be as a result of several things. If the garage door operates with a remote opener, then you might want to check the batteries, the switches or sensors. If it opens manually, then you can check for the barriers that could be in the wheel track. The lubricant might be affected by various temperatures and weather conditions. When you are using the right type, then it can help to solve the sticking of the garage door. The door might also get stuck because it is hanging unevenly. You might want to check the cables, as well as the springs, which hold the garage door. Ensure that the length and tightness of the springs are equal on each side.

• The door closes, then opens again

limit screwsIt could also happen that the door closes all the way down, but then opens again. The most probable cause could be the close and open limit settings that are on the garage door opener. The limit will define how far the garage door should move, before it closes completely. In case the settings are set to a higher limit, then the door will hit the floor earlier than the opener thinks. The opener will ignore that the garage door knocked something on its way. As a result, the door will reverse and open, since the opener will use the safety mechanism of preventing the door from crashing anything. For that, ensure that the close-limit is set in the correct range. You can contact a professional to know the perfect limit to set. All in all, there is always the user’s manual that you can confirm with.

• The auto garage door opener runs, but the door isn’t moving

disconnect switch 2Each garage door opener will be loaded with a switch for disconnecting, in case the power is out and you cannot close or open the garage door manually. The disconnect switch will be attached to a knob or a rope, which can be unhooked accidentally. To fix this, you will need to open or close the door, then reattach the hook with caution. When that is fixed, you can then attempt to close or open the door using the transmitter. If this is too much complicated, you may contact a professional locksmith to take care of it.

• The door closes quickly with a bang

broken tension spring 2In case the door rolls down quickly with a bang, there could be two possibilities that might be the cause. The first cause might be a tension spring that is broken, which may not be able to hold the weight of the door. Another possibility might be broken cables, which are linked to the tension spring. There are some garage doors that will have cables that are attached to the tension spring. If either the tension spring, or the cables that attach to them are broken, then it can be difficult to control the weight of the garage door. This will then cause the door to close quickly with a big bang.

These are some of the most common garage door problems that you might have experienced. Some of them can be fixed easily, but for the sake of safety, always contact a professional locksmith. The locksmith will have the necessary tools and skills of fixing the garage door, which will help to reduce the chances of injuries.

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With the car stuck in the garage, I called these guys and i'm glad I did. Called ahead with an ETA, showed up on time, quick and very professional. Thanks for freeing my car and making my garage much quieter than it's ever been!

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