With all that is going on in the world today, something like a garage door is very easily overlooked… until one day it stops working. Here are some terms to help educate you on the workings of your garage door so you can have the knowledge to know what is wrong with your assembly.

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  • Astraga

    Otherwise known as weather-stripping. You will find it at the bottom of the garage door, used to stop rain, water, or other weather from entering into the garage.

  • Back Hangs

    Vertical supports that are used to hold the horizontal track in place, these will keep the door from moving around in the track and keep it stable.

  • Backroom

    The backroom of a garage is how much space is required to install a garage door, which is pretty much the whole length from the door to the back of the tracks that the door sits on when in a horizontal position.

  • Bottom Bracket

    There are two of these (one on the left, one on the right) and they generally attach to the bottom brackets.

  • Cable

    These connect the bottom bracket to the mechanism which balances the assembly, these are also known as “lifting cables.”

  • Curtain

    This term is a reference to the face of the door that move up and down.

  • Extension Springs

    These are one of the two types of springs that are used to carry the weight of the door as it is lifted. They are located on each side of the door, and stretch from the pulley attached to the door all the way to the rear track hanger.

  • Garage Door Opener

    Hardware that allows you to open and close a garage door with the push of a button, inputting a code on a keypad, or using a remote control.

  • Lift Handle

    These are usually used on garage doors that do not have automatic systems, so that a person can manually lift the door to an upright position.

  • Overhead Garage Door

    A garage door that is manufactured in hinged sections, which allow the door to travel up and down. Most new homes with garages attached use this type of door.

  • Shaft Bearings

    These will help support the weight of the counterbalance system against the weight of the garage door.

  • Torsion Spring Counterbalance Assembly

    A piece of hardware that will help distribute weight evenly as the door opens and closes.

  • Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs are the most common part that wears out with common use of residential garage doors, they assist the extension springs in raising and lowering the door. Torsion springs are mounted above the door, and can be tightened or loosened by the cables.

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