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scottsadale-garage-door-repairIs your garage door malfunctioning in Scottsdale AZ? Maybe your torsion springs have become loose or bent, or an overhead cable has become loose causing a sag in your garage door assembly. Whatever the problem is with your garage door, we can help fix it properly at a price that is fair for the service being provided. We may not offer the cheapest price for our services, but you can rest assured that we will be using the best quality parts and provide customer service that is top notch! We only use galvanized steel torsion and overhead springs that wont rust or decay with time, so you know that your money is being well-spent and your garage door will last years without service.
We offer our Garage Door Maintenance Service to each and every customer… for FREE.

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Testimonials From Scottsdale Customers:

I have nothing but great things to say about AZ Garage Pros. My garage door just would not stay open. I called around and had gotten 3 very high quotes to repair my broken garage door spring. Then I called these guys. Sean was very helpful and the price beat out the others by far. Great business and great people.
Stacy L.

I own a property management company here in Scottsdale and we use these guys all of the time. We constantly have doors that get stuck, garage doors that won’t open, or doors that won’t go all the way to the ground. We always call the AZ Garage Pros.
David L.

These are great group of guys over at AZ Garage Pros. We had problems with our getting jammed and stuck. They came out and fixed the problem in less then an hour. Jack was very nice and he even gave me 10% off. I definitely recommend them to everyone.
Sarah F.

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Garage doors are without a doubt the largest moving object in the home which is why a little problem with them could equate to a large concern because of the danger that they pose. However, they are relatively harmless and quite useful if they are maintained and cared for the right way. One of the most important ways for caring for your garage door is by being able to identify problems as soon as they start and having them addressed in the earliest time possible. This way you not only avert a crisis, but you also save yourself some money while at the same time being able to lengthen the life of the garage door. With that said, here are some of the most common garage door problems that you ought to look out for.

Garage door does not operate.

won't openThis is perhaps the most common problem and also the most annoying given that it can happen a couple of times over the life of the door. However, it could also be among the least concerning as there are a number of factors that could be the reason for this. Among them could be the fact that the batteries of the remote are dying out and require to be replaced and if that is not the issue, it could also be an issue with the opener or the motor.

Your garage door not operating could also be as a result of a blocked sensor or a cable that has been detached and hence is not operating as is required. In some instances, the problem can be more complicated to find but you can always call in a technician to do the troubleshooting and repair in the event that you run into problems or can’t locate the cause.

Loud noises.

lound noiseIdeally, garage doors are meant to be noisy but not too noisy that it is actually a concern. This is especially the case when there are clacking and knocking sounds. One of the most common sounds that a garage door can develop is a grinding sound which will be heard every time that the door is opened or closed. This is usually caused by loose nuts and bolts and can also be caused by a chain drive that has run out of lubrication. In some cases, your garage door could also be loud by nature and should this be the case, having it replaced with a belt driven garage door opener could help address the situation. If there is a knocking a sound, it could be caused by something stuck in the rails of the door and a quick check can help to ascertain if this is the problem.

Garage door gets stuck.

stuckIf you have not yet been a victim of a stuck garage door, then luck is on your side. It has to be among the most frustrating experiences since there is nothing much you can do about it. However, the causes behind such a problem vary from as simple as the close limit switch which you can simply adjust to a problem with the rails and even the springs. Among the ways that you can troubleshoot the cause of woes with your stuck garage door is by first checking the rails for anything that could be caught in there. If there is nothing, then you could try releasing the door from the opener and try opening and closing it manually to see if it gets stuck. In the event that it does get stuck, then you rule out the opener being the problem. If it doesn’t, then your attention should shift to the opener.

The Door moves too quickly.

broken cablesssThis is a problem that you are most likely to face as the door ages. It will start to slowly pick up pace and eventually, you might find the door closing a bit too quickly which should be a concern because this is a big safety issue. As you would expect, there are a variety of causes for this. The first could be the opening mechanism which can be easily adjusted and the other more complex problems could be the wearing out of the springs as well as weakened or broken cables. Should you experience such a problem, it is important to keep relatives, children and loved ones away from the door until the problem has been resolved.

Garage door reverses near the bottom.

eye sensorsssIn most instances, this is a problem that is more likely to occur in garage doors that have a close force adjustment safety system. The garage door will close and just as it is about to hit the ground, it reverses and opens up again. It pulls back the door should anything or anyone get underneath the door as it is coming down. The reversal can be caused debris that can be on the ground or rails and if not that, then the close force setting might require some adjusting.

Opening slower than usual.

garage door motorIf it is closing down faster, there are chances that at some point it might also start opening slower. This is an equally serious problem as it poses a significant risk on anyone that is on close proximity to the door. It is usually as a result of the motor starting to burn out or it can also be as a result of a problem with the torsion springs that are tasked with the opening and closing of the door. Regardless, this is a problem that you might want to have a professional look at as it poses a lot of danger especially if the problem lies with the springs.

Other problems that might be considered as common when it comes to garage doors include the door getting stuck as a result of broken cables or unevenness in the tracks as well as the door tilting on one side.

Regardless of the challenges that you might experience with the door be it those that tend to occur often like the ones mentioned above or those that happen rarely, having the best hands on the job ensures that you give your door a fighting chance to serve you longer and also keep your family safer. It also ensures that you do not have to put up with the inconveniences that a faulty garage door can bring.



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This company is top notch
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I have used this company twice in the past. They're service is very dependable and the quality of their work is priority 1. I have recommended this company to friends and family over the years and they too have been very satisfied with the fine service and follow up.

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