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mesa-garage-door-repairWe offer our full list of garage door services for our customers in Mesa Arizona. From the farthest east location to the borders of Tempe, we can service your garage wherever it lies in Mesa, AZ. We service a broad range of brands in the garage door market, and can repair or replace every part of the assembly to make sure that everything is in pristine working order. The tremendous amount of stress that torsion springs and garage door cables are under means that these parts wear out eventually, and it depends on the quality of the parts and the skill of the garage door technician that balances the system.

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Give us a call now for same day service! We only use the best in parts when installing torsion springs, and offer our garage maintenance package and inspection to each customer we receive.

Hear What Some Of Our Happy Customers From Mesa AZ Have To Say:

I moved into a home in East Mesa last week. 3 days after I moved in the garage door would not open and I was unable to get my truck out to go to work. I am so glad I found the AZ Garage Pros as they came out less then an hour after me calling them. They had my spring replaced in no time. They even made me a spare key for free to the home as I mentioned to Jack (The Technician) and he said he had the ability to cut keys as well. What a great garage door repair company.
– Terrance G.

I have nothing but good things to say about this company. From the wonderful attitude of Sean on the phone to the great work that Jack did when he came out to my home. I needed my opener replaced and these guys had the best rate and also the best all around feel to them. Great Biz!
– Tim

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AZ Garage Pros of Mesa | (480) 696-6686


Keeping a garage door in good working condition plays a crucial role in keeping your vehicles and general storage safe and secured inside a garage. However, using the doors everyday can often make the doors get overworked and fail at their job. The fact that a problematic garage door can be a welcome sign to crime, attending all garage door repairs is essential to ensure the safety and security of your family and valuable possessions. Take a look at some of the most common garage door problems listed below in this guide.

10 Common Garage Door Issues

Stuck Garage Doors

switchEven with regular maintenance, doors of a garage often stick and refuse to open or close. A door that gets stuck half way through is a threat to your security to your home, especially if it is attached to your home. To solve the problem of stuck garage doors, check sensors, switches and batteries of your remote control. If it is a manual door, check the wheel track for any kind of obstruction. Use proper lubricants and hang all the springs and cables evenly to avoid the problem of stuck garage doors.

Garage Door Not Opening

WiringOne of the most common problems most garage owners face is finding that their garage door refuses to open. When the door of the garage gets stuck in a closed position and does not operate, it can be quite frustrating. However, before you take the help of a professional, take a look at some of the built- in- safeties in your door. Checking the wiring, battery and the electrical eye can sometimes help troubleshoot this problem and save you big bucks.

Noisy Garage Doors

LubricateMost homeowners often complain of hearing a squealing, screeching or grinding noise when they are opening and closing the door. Though a common problem, this issue can be easily rectified by taking some simple measures. Tighten all the nuts and bolts of the door. Clean the entire wheel track of all the dirt or debris and lubricate the chain drive with oil that is designed especially for these types of doors. Open and close the door a few times to check and ensure smooth functioning.

Garage Door Moves Unevenly

UnevenAnother common issue with garage doors is that they sometimes start moving unevenly whenever they are opened and closed. Since this problem is usually caused due to uneven springs installed in the garage or due to the accumulation of dirt and debris in the wheel track, using springs of even length and clearing the wheel track can help solve the problem.

Garage door Opens on its own

remoteIf you find your garage door open even when you remember closing it, there is a serious problem with the opener of the door. Known as ��phantom operation’ the problem is usually caused due to shortened hand – held remote transmitter. Another cause could be the wall button or the wall button wiring. If the issue is due a short, remove batteries from the remote and operate the door only by the wall button. However, if the problem is due to wall button wiring, take out the button wires at the motor head and use only the remote to operate the door.

When lowering, Garage Door Drops Quickly

loose springsIf your garage door falls down at a fast pace when you are trying to pull it down, it can injure people who are lowering it. The problem usually occurs due to overly loose springs or broken cables. Since replacing the door springs of the door without knowledge or proper equipment is unsafe, consulting a professional garage door repair man is highly recommended.

Garage door does not operate with Ease

adjusting springsFinding it difficult to pull up or pull down your garage door with ease is another common problem experienced by most garage owners. However, since the problem usually requires the spring to be adjusted for smooth operation, it is advised that you take professional help.

Garage Door Sags While Opening

broken cableeeeeA garage door is in good condition if it stays in position even after it has been released. However, if the door falls, chances are the cables and springs are worn out or broken. Take the help of a professional to solve this issue.

Garage Door Panels

broken panelThe panels of the garage door often tend to split due to daily wear and tear or change shape or warp in the sun. When a panel of the garage door is busted, it damages the moving parts that are connected to the panel. Some of these essential parts include garage door track and the struts on the door. When these parts are damaged, the functionality of the garage door is compromised. To solve the problem, new panels are required to be fitted by a professional.

Frozen Garage Door

Frozen doorWhen blowing snow and ice build up near the garage door, you are probably going to have the problem of a frozen garage door. While snow melts the rubber under the door, the plunging temperature outside causes the water to freeze and stick to the rubber of the door. As a result, the door freezes to the concrete floor and gets stuck. However, to solve this problem trying pouring five gallons of hot water beneath the door and try opening it quickly. Pouring hot water will help melt ice quickly and help you open the door. If the problem still remains unsolved, seek the advice of a professional.


Experiencing most common garage door problems can disrupt normal activity and make it difficult for you to carry out normal routines smoothly. A garage door is perhaps one of the single largest moving objects in your home that require regular inspection for smooth operation. So, whether you have a small problem such as a squeaky door or serious issues such as opening or closing of the door, it is important that you resolve these problems as soon as possible. Maintaining your garage doors not only helps prevent property damage and serious injury, but also ensures that your door stays in good working condition for years to come.


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by Kyle J. on AZ Garage Pros Services in Mesa
Will use again
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Outstanding workmanship. They arrived and got the job done fast! Will use again if I ever have any garage door repairs.

by Billie Jean R. on AZ Garage Pros Services in Mesa
Impressive company!
City: Mesa

I called these guys late Friday when our garage door got stuck. I called about 4 different places and they were the only ones who answered and could come that evening to take a look. The technician was very professional and resolved the problem really quickly. The price was very affordable and he had excellent customer service. I'd definitely call again!

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