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gilbert-garage-door-repairIf you are in need of garage door repair services in Gilbert Arizona you have come to the best company in town to receive top quality garage door service. We repair garage door springs, openers, panels, cables, and all other parts of a garage door that can be replaced. With each job that we complete we will perform regular maintenance that will further lengthen the life of your garage door components. We only provide the best in quality parts, and stand by our work with a 90 day warranty.

We are experts at replacing torsion and extension springs in Gilbert!

Customer Reviews Sent To Us Of Our Services In Gilbert:

This is a really solid company. My garage door wouldn’t do anything the other morning when I went to leave for work. I figured it would be a big problem, but luckily I just needed the spring replaced. Jack came out in less then hour after calling and the service was done perfectly. I have no complaints.
– Andrew L.

Great experience with this AZ Garage Pros. Would call them any time my door needed attention.
– Gary M.

Our garage door was not working properly for weeks and we were putting it off due to the cost. We decided to shop around again to see what we could find. Luckily we found these guys and they were running a 15% off special. We had to get our garage door opener replaced and we had to get some work done to the rollers as well. They did a great job and were very kind and professional throughout the entire process.
– Ana H.

Called around quite a bit and these guys had the lowest rates for getting a garage door panel replaced in the Gilbert area. They did a great job and I would call them again.
– Eric S.

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Garage doors can experience many different problems. What follows are the most common garage door issues. If you experience any of these, it would be better to call a professional.

The Transmitter Batteries are Running Low

Transmitter battery2People tend to forget that their garage door has a transmitter and that the transmitter requires batteries to work. Just to remind some of the homeowners out there, the garage door transmitter is usually installed on the wall. It is powered by batteries and batteries do not last forever. If your garage is several years old already then there is a good chance that its batteries are running low already. If your garage door stopped working suddenly or if it is working erratically, then you should check the transmitter batteries. This is an easy problem to solve since the only thing that you need to do to make your garage door work properly again is by replacing the batteries.

The Photo Eye is Out of Alignment

Photo eyeIf you don’t know how your garage works then let me give you a crash course. For your garage door to work, it has photo eyes on both sides. The two eyes communicate with each other through an invisible beam. For the two yes to communicate well they must be in alignment with each other. If they are not aligned then your garage door will simply not work. Another reason why your garage door may not be working well is if they are dirty. So the solution is to either align the two eyes or clean it.

The Track is Out of Alignment

track out of alignmentApart from the eyes on both sides of your garage doors, it also has a track where it runs up and down. It is the metal part that attaches the door to your house. When it is not aligned, then your door will not be able to move properly. Misalignment of the garage door track should not be taken lightly. It could be a serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately. You should look for signed of misalignment of the track like gaps between the rollers. If you see bends in the rails then that is also a sign of misalignment of the track. And because the garage door is heavy, you can expect such a problem to worsen over time.

The Garage Door is Randomly Opening and Closing

openingIf your garage door closes and opens at random, then you might think that your house is haunted already. But the truth is this is a common problem. If you have this problem you must have it fixed right away. What if your garage door suddenly opens when you are not home? Then that could be an invitation for thieves to go inside your house. When you experience this problem, then the first thing that you need to check is the transmitter. Make sure that nothing is accidentally depressing the control mechanism of the transmitter. You should also check the frequency of the transmitter. It is possible that your garage door is being opened by your neighbor’s transmitter.

The Garage Door Does Not Open All the Way

Not openingSometimes garage doors lift up then when it is half way open already it would start to close again. This is also a common problem. And the possible cause is a mechanism that prevents your door from crushing objects in their path. Sometimes the sensor that triggers this mechanism become overly sensitive. That’s why even small objects such as toy and even garbage on the ground can trigger it. The problem can also because by a buildup of debris on the track.

The Garage Door Closes Suddenly

broken tension springIf your garage door closes with a bang, then you should have it checked right away. Can you imagine if your car is under your heavy garage door when it suddenly closes? It could also cause an accident to people. There are two possible reasons why your garage door behaving this way. One, the tension spring might be broken. The role of the tension spring is to counter the weight of the garage door. Secondly, the cabled of garage door might be broken. And that is why it cannot hold the weight of the garage door properly. If you notice this problem then you should phone a professional immediately.

The Garage Door Runs for a Few Seconds then Shuts Off

broken cable springsThis problem can be caused by several things. The first possible reason is that the cable springs are broken. Another possible reason is that the presence of obstacles on the tracks. If you have both the garage door track and cable and you see that they are working properly then you should check if your garage door has a built-in lock. If it has then it may have been engaged directly.

The Door Opener Runs But Nothing Happens to the Door

Disconnect swtichAnother thing that you need to know about your garage door is that it has a disconnect switch that will allow you to open and close it manually in case power fails. The switch is usually attached to a knob or rope by a hook. Sometimes the rope gets unhooked and that is why this problem occurs.

The Garage Door Closes and then Opens Again

open shutYour garage has an open and close limit. This tells the garage door how far the door should move before it is fully closed. If your garage door tends to hit the ground then it is set too high. If it does not close all the way then it is set too low. Adjust the setting and then see if that solves the problem. Go back to the operation manual that comes with your garage door to see how to change the limit settings.

The Door Won’t Go Up

torsion springssIf this happens then then one or both of its torsion springs could be broken. It is these springs that actually lift the garage door. This is why the torsion springs are very important components of your garage door. If you experience any of the most common garage door issues, then keep in mind that the best thing to do is to call a professional.


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Amazing company!
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Called them on a Sunday night about a broken remote key pad. They had it fixed by mid morning on Monday. Fast, professional and reasonably priced. They also lubricated my doors and made sure everything was up to par before they left. I recommend this company to the fullest!

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