garage door remote in carGarage door remotes are devices or gadgets that are usually used to open garage door from a distance. They help to make you life easier since you do not to move to the garage gate to open or to close it manually. They are always very efficient since you can open the garage from both sides: while you are inside the garage and when you want to enter the garage.

Do you have Issues with Garage Door Remotes? Here are several things you need to know that might solve your problem
Most of the garage remote open are manufactured with a single button or multiple buttons. The single button is usually made to open and close the door simultaneously. The multiple buttons offer you several options when opening or closing you garage gate. There those that can help you adjust the speed in which you want to open the gate depending on the urgency. You can let the gate open slowly or a bit faster if you are in a hurry. In cases where you have multiple garage doors, the multi button remote garage open will help you choose the gate that you want to open without interfering with other gates. Other garage remote openers have advanced options such that you can switch on your garage light using your remote.

You should program your remote garage opener correctly for it to operate efficiently. The instructions that come with the door remote that you purchase are very useful in programming the remote. Remotes usually differ the way they should be programmed, some require unique ways while other can be programmed in the normal way.
You should always make sure that the remote door opener is compatible with your receiver. Compatibility is usually determined by frequency and the coding technology. The coding technology used can either learn button or dip switch whereas the commonly use frequencies are 300MHZ, 315MHZ or 390MHZ.

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After checking the compatibility, you are now good to go on with the programming.When you are using dip switch just match the dip switches on the receiver to the remote and it will start operating immediately. Since dip switch is the easiest to program, it makes it most unsafe option of the two receivers.

The learn buttons are more complicated to program and can be programmed in various way thus you should read the instructions carefully. The common way programming them is holding pressing the button on the remote and the receiver on the garage simultaneously. Some remotes will have Led light blink several times to confirm that it has become functional. However, it is highly advisable that you consult the manufacturer or remotes expert for a proper installation.

In cases where your garage door opener has been operating efficiently but has started malfunctioning, there are several things you need to do to solve the problem. Among the things, you are supposed o check includes.

Check The Batteries

garage-door-remote-opened-showing-batteryWeak or dead batteries can make you remote to malefaction or even fail to operate entirely. To avoid this problem always buy high-quality batteries that will serve you for a long period. Try and avoid discount brand since they are likely to fail more often. Some people prefer using rechargeable batteries because they are environmental friendly and more cost effective in the long run. The rechargeable batteries may not have significant benefit since, unlike alkaline batteries that have 1.5 volts output, they have an output of 1.2 volts meaning two of them will give 2.4 volts. The 2.4 volts are not sufficient to run the remotes since they are designed to operate on 3 volts. The o.6 volt deficit can serious affect the effectiveness in terms of range and accuracy of the garage gate remote opener.

Battery Contacts

If the batteries do not have a good contact, they may compromise the functioning of the remote opener. Always check them frequently and clean them to get rid of any dust, discoloration or wetness that may interfere with the flow of the current.

Check the eyes

The eye is the plastic covering the on the IR unit and the receiver that allows signal to pass through it. Most of the eyes are made of plastics that are resistant to scratch. It is highly advisable that you clean the eye by polishing it with a soft clothing to get rid of dust and other materials that might block the signal and prevent the remote from operating efficiently.

Reboot the system regularly

Remotes are like small computers that require rebooting to refresh the system. Remote can be reboot by removing the batteries for about 1 minute while the receiver can be reboot by unplugging it from the power socket for the same period.


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