Garage Door Maintenance

With all of our garage door mobile services comes our full garage door maitenance package. No matter what service you recieve from us we will go through your whole assembly and make sure their are no worn out parts, and safety concerns, or other problems that can be alleviated easily before they cause more problems in the future.

We will visually inspect all of the parts in your assembly to make sure everything is in good working order. We check the garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys and mounting hardware. If we find any problems we will let you know of the solution that is possible.

Garage Door Balance Test – Performing this test will make sure that the balance of your garage door is not putting to much stress on the pulleys and springs.

Reversing Mechanism Test (Automatic Garage Doors) – This makes sure that your door will raise if something blocks the door from closing completely. It is an important to make sure the edge sensor in your assembly is working correctly.

Photo Eye Test – This test makes sure that your photo eyes are working properly and will reverse the door if something is in the way of the eyes. We will adjust and clean your photo eyes if necessary.

Force Setting Test – This makes sure that the force that is being applied by the door in a downward direction is a t a safe level, we will lower it if necessary.

Lubrication – We will apply a spray lubricant to the door’s hinges, rollers and tracks to ensure a long life to your parts.

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AZ Garage Pros Garage Door Maintanence Services
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by Andy Carlson on AZ Garage Pros Garage Door Maintanence Services
Important indeed
City: Gilbert

I learned about regular garage door maintenance first hand. I had a cable snap. If anyone was in the garage at the time, someone could have seriously been injured. So I make it a point now to call these guys once a year to come check on all the components so that will never happen again.

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