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  • Do You Offer Free Estimates?

    Yes! We will give you a free estimate right over the phone within our open office hours of 8am-6pm M-F. Our estimates are no obligation.

  • My garage door spring is broken – Can I still open the door?

    The simple answer is NO, it is very dangerous to do so when the spring will not hold the weight of the door, allowing for certain mishaps to happen. You will want to have your garage door springs replaced by a professional if they break.

  • How much will it cost to repair my garage door springs?

    Depending on the brand of your door, the size and the springs you want installed, the cost ranges anywhere from 100$ to 300$. We offer pricing that clashes with all other competitors in the market.

  • How much does it cost to replace my garage door opener?

    Industry standard for this service is about 350$ for the opener and installation of the unit. Prices range depending on brand name and labor time.

  • Since we heard a very loud noise in the garage the door will not open. What could be wrong with the door?

    What most likely occurred is a spring broke and flew off of your garage door assembly. You can tell if they broke by looking at the shaft across the spring on the door, you will be able to see a separation that is about 2” between the spring and the shaft. If the extension springs broke you will find them in two different pieces. If this is the case you will need to replace the springs in order to get the garage door working correctly again.

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