Find your common garage door problems below.

All valley residents that have a garage will at some point encounter a problem or issue with the garage door or it’s many moving parts. Below we have a list of common garage door woes for Phoenix area residents. There is also an explanation of what that problem may be. We hopes this helps you diagnose your problem, but we firmly suggest calling the AZ Garage Pros to make a proper assessment of your garage door needs.

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  • Bottom of door is up on one side.

    This could be a Frayed Cable and you may need to Replace the cable. You could also have worn extension spring cable pulleys. In this case you may need to replace the worn pulleys.

  • Garage door opener does not work or operate with your remote or wall switch.

    There is probably some sort of disruption on the power. Firstly you should make sure that the motor unit is plugged in properly and into a functioning socket. Then if it checks out then go to the circuit breaker, fuse or your GFCI.

  • The garage door closes or opens only if you hold down the push button.

    The system may be misaligned or dirty or even defective. You may need to get it Re-Aligned or just cleaned & replaced.

  • The Garage door will not close all the way to the ground.

    Your close limit switch probably needs to be adjusted. If this is not the case, then try to see your door is binding when it is raised and/or lowered manually. Then call a pro to help you make proper replacements.

  • The garage door closes part way and reverses.

    Chances are it is either a broken cable, an improper adjustment, Mis-Alignment, a bent track, or worn extension pulleys. Always call the Pros when you run into a problem like this.  Answer provided by Columbus Garage Door Pros

  • Garage door reverses and goes back up immediately after hitting the garage floor.

    This normally means that the close limit switch probably needs adjusted a little bit.

  • Garage Door is jammed or stuck.

    In this situation most likely your track is bent, or you have a broken cable and/or pulley. Always get your track or cable replaced when needed.

  • The garage door is uneven or slanted.

    This is normally a broken cable, extension spring, or worn pulleys. Have the pros figure this one out for you.

  • Your Garage door does not open up completely when in use.

    In this case the limit switch probably needs to be moved more toward motor unit. You will want to call a professional for this.

  • Garage Door is cocked open slightly.

    This could be a Broken Cable or a worn extension spring cable pulley. In either case you will want to replace the cable and/or pulley.

    “This answer and others were also provided by the US Garage Door Heroes. We would like to thank them for helping with this Q and A for Garage door issues.

  • Your garage door opens, but the motor does not stop running when it is finished.

    This is normally a case where you need to move the limit switch away from your motor unit.

  • You garage door is opening slowly and awkwardly.

    It is normally always the spring in a case where your garage door is going down or up slowly. It can be other things as well so it is be to call a garage door specialist in this situation.

  • When your garage door will not close all the way or is uneven/slanted.

    Again this is normally a broken cable and/or a worn extension spring cable pulley. This is very important to fix to keep your home secure.

  • The garage door will not open at all.

    You either have a broken spring or your garage door track is bent or mangled.

  • The garage door will not stay open.

    This is almost always the spring or spring system.

  • There was a loud bang or boom right before the door stopped working.

    You have a broken spring. The spring is simple to replace, but it is best to have a pro help you with this.

  • Hearing a popping sound as door move up and down.

    This is normally warn rollers.

  • Squeaks and squalls when the garage door goes up or down.

    This is due to dry rollers or bearings. You need to lubricate the hinges. I would still call a professional garage door service.

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