If you are thinking of trying to DIY a garage door panel replacement you may want to think again. It takes a decent amount of tools and know how. Although if you are quite the handyman I am sure you could get it done pretty easily. Just be warned you must have a good amount…

Check 10 great videos that show you the process of replacing and/or repairing springs on garage doors for one door and two door systems. These are videos from pros and regular people so you can get the full spectrum and reality of garage door spring repairs. This can be done on your own if you…

You must be careful about what type of Arizona garage door repair company you use. Most are pretty stand up companies but some take advantage of unknowing homeowners and their lack of garage door knowledge. Be sure to research online reviews and also ask around as well before choosing the right company.

Here is a good instructional video on repairing stripped gears on a Craftsman garage door opener. Although we always recommend letting a professional repair or install your garage door equipment, this guy does a great job teaching you how to DIY the project as well.

Obviously all garage doors are not the same, but there is a certain range in which most doors and installations will run you. The best part about getting a new garage door, is that the new door will cost significantly less than the amount of value it will ad to your home every time. The…

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